Midstate‚Äôs Engine Control Systems are  user friendly to install, operate and service. Our turn key engine controls  systems include the control panel(s), wiring harness, control devices and  hardware. Mechanical and electronic J1939 systems match your engine control  logic. 

All custom panels are OEM specific.  OEM interface, PTO / clutch, pump drive, pump controls, pneumatics and remote  functions or monitoring is integrated into the controls system. 

Panels can be installed on the  package or sent as parts kits for end user installation.  All installed controls systems are tested  with the engine package. All ship loose controls are 100% bench tested. 

Wiring harnesses feature sonic  welded splices, nylon external braided loom, permanently continuous ink stamped  numbers and shrink tube covered terminals. Deutsch, Amp and HP connectors are  utilized to assure interconnects are safe, secure and watertight.  Harnesses are available in lengths up to 75  ft. long.

The panel parts are world class availability  supported by Caterpillar, F. W. Murphy, Datcon or other global suppliers. Gauge  plates and enclosures are powder coated for superior finish and corrosion  protection. We utilize press to test circuit breakers. All control panels or  enclosures are provided with vibration isolation.

Optional enclosures are rated Nema  1, 3R, 4X or 12 rated. Stainless steel material, windows and locking latches are  optional features.   

Midstate offers Standard product panels and wiring  harnesses for 200 hp engines and below.