Midstate Manufacturing's Engine Packaging Division is an experienced supplier of engine packages and related products distributed to O.E.M  engine manufacturers and dealers, packagers, and end users since 1998. Midstate  supplies a wide range of products and services for the off-highway Industrial, Petroleum, Marine and Engine Power Generation markets. Midstate's Engine Packaging Division is a one stop shop with services including design consultation, engineering, fabrication, paint, powder coating and assembly able to supply turn key engine power modules.

Midstate's products are designed, manufactured and assembled to meet today's industry quality standards and market demands. Use of design and manufacturing technologies such as Autodesk Inventor and Autocad, lasers, robotic welding, water jet cutting and powder coating assure Midstate's Engine Packaging products are the industry benchmark. Midstate provides turn-key packages and prototypes, or ships parts kits. O.E.M. parts stocking programs reduce both lead time and price.

Our product line includes:

  • Engine Packages - Turn Key Modules, OEM, Prototypes
  • Enclosures - Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum - (Base mounted, Engine mounted and Dropover styles available)
  • Bases - Stationary,& Oil Field, Portable, Irrigation and Fuel Tanks
  • Engine Controls - Panels, Wiring Harnesses, Controls Devices
  • Parts - Industrial Engine Standard Products
  • Accessories - Jacket Water Heaters, Fuel Filters, Protection Devices and Controls, Vibration Isolators and Air Filters.
  • Exhaust Systems - Flex Assemblies, Silencers, Discharge Elbows and Extensions, Mounting Brackets, Supports and related hardware
  • Battery Systems - Battery Racks, Cables, Boxes, Chargers and Heaters
  • Trailers - Single, Dual and Triaxle, Open and Fuel Tank, optional braking systems and custom accessories for O.E.M. or end-user specifications