The Coating facility provides Midstate customers with full range service. Our facility combines  powder coating and painting operations providing our customers a one-stop-shop  from raw materials to finished part.  Midstate’s  powder coat line offers versatility in coating processing. The powder coating  system processes a wide-range of part sizes. Continuous and batch operation,  variable line speeds, and 500-pound-per-hook weight capacity are some of the  many features of Midstate’s powder coating line.  The  power spray booth is designed for both efficiency and flexibility. Unusual  shapes, as well as heavy or large parts, can be manually processed through the  powder booth.  Pre-treatment  operations such as steel shot wheelabrating and sand blasting are incorporated prior to , and after, the  manufacturing processes.  Our  five-stage wash system, air knife and dry off oven assure the parts are clean  and ready for finishing.  Midstate’s  down draft wet paint booth (53’L x 24’W x 20’H) compliments the powder coating  operations. Spray methods include electrostatic air assist, airless, and HVLP.